Thursday, 30 January 2014

Areeha The historic city of Arains

Areeha is an old Canaanite city. Historians consider Areeha one of the oldest cities in the World. Its history returns to the stone age before 7 thousand years ago.
The city may be the oldest continuously occupied city in the world which shows the geographic importance of the city. Most importantly, every one can imagine the courage and fighting back ground of the people of Areeha. That was the only reason which had attracted Hajaj bin Yousaf to be selected them as the invaders of Subcontinent.
The origin of the name Areeha: Areeha means the moon for Canaanites.
Areeha was thrived in the Roman era, which is shown in the ruins of the courtyards that were build. However, Areeha’s popularity decreased, and it stayed in a size of a village or less until 1908.
Areeha is considered as the eastern gate of Palestine, it’s connected to the eastern bank in roads, it’s also connected to the Jerusalem-Oman road. It’s located to the north of Jerusalem, 38 km far from it, and 276 meters beneath sea level.
In 1922 the city’s population was about 1039 people, it increased to 2840 people in 1945, in 1965 they increased to 75000 person, but in June 1967 they decreased because of immigration to 5300 person.
Areeha’s lands are 137500 Donm.
It’s famous for it’s tourism location, the Dead Sea, and the Hesham castle, which is built by Hesham Bin Abd Al-malek are the most famous areas in Areeha.
Areeha is described in the Hebrew Bible as the "City of Palm Trees". Copious springs in and around the city attracted human habitation for thousands of years.It is known in Judeo-Christian tradition as the place of the decisive Battle of Jericho which secured the Israelites' return to the promised land from bondage in Egypt, led by Joshua, the successor to Moses. 
Yes, Arains are proud to be Areehaiee.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

How 5000 Arab soldiers grew up to 60 million Arains?

We have answer it before but today we will describe it scientifically. After every 25 to 30 years a new generation starts. Example My grand father born in 1928 than my father in 1952 and me born in 1983, my son born in 2012. So, we can easily estimate that four generations exist in a century but chance of error could increase or decrease equally.
5000 Soldiers got married in Rajpoots and Jatt families with 5000 women.Arabs were like to marry 4 women at a time but we are not going to estimate in that way. We will take one partner for each soldier.
Lets start from 8th century when Arains got established in subcontinent. Average  children ratio in subcontinent was 8/family at that time,  take it as  50% boys  and same ratio of girls,  means there were 4 children of each soldier to continue its chain of generation. Now we can easily estimate  that how many children he produced in a century it will be 1x4x4x4=32 persons in 100 year. lets  assume that half  of them die or martyred  the remaining were 16.
Hence  5000 soldiers produced 80000 persons (5000x16) in 100 years. Next 100years 80000 persons produced (80000x16)=1280000Persons.
In 10th Century Arain population was about 1280000. If we simply apply the growth ratio of 2%/year it will be projected up to (1280000+25600)-10500 Die with the ratio of 8/1000=1295000
In 1001=1295000,
In 1002=1295000+(1295000x2%)=1320900-10567deaths=1310333
In 1003=1310333+(1310333x2%)=1336539-10692 deaths=1325846
Hence 15000 persons added in population every year. After 100 years 1500,000 people added
So, In 1101 Arain Population was 2795000.
In 1101=2795000+(2795000x2%)=2850900-22807deaths=2828092
In 1102=2828092+(2828092x2%)=2884654-23077deaths=2861577
Hence in 11th century  33000persons added in population per year. After 100 years 3300,000 people added in population of Arains. Total population in 1201 was 6095000.
In 1201=6095000+(6095000x2%)=6216900-49735=6167165.
In 1201=6167165+(6167165x2%)=6290508-50324=6240184.
In 12th Century 72500 people added in population every year, after 100 years 7250000 people added in population of Arains. So they became 13345,000.
Now we can easily follow the trend shown in above calculation. There is a trend of 220% increase in grew population of every year's population after every 100 years. So, we can easily increase 220% of 72500 and can calculate population next 100 years. 72500x220%= 159500 growth per year in 12th century. So, 15950000 people added in population. Total population in 1301=13345000+15950000=29295000
We can make it more easy by multiplying 220% with next 7 centuries (220%x7)=1540%
Finally we can calculate total population of Arains.
The above mentioned figures are calculated on estimation of every 100 years for first 3 centuries, it could be increase if we calculate it on growth rate of 220% for every 100year.

Now every one can see the estimated population of Arains in the world that should be round about Forty Five Karors 45000000. This figure is much higher then the actual population of Arains which is about Six Karor 60,000,000. Why? This figure is an answer to them who believe that Arains were not a fighter cast. Than what is the reason of their lesser population than the normally estimated Arain population. The only reason that could be establish here is their fighting background and we can say that Arains have a history of fighters more than any other cast living here in subcontinent. Arains are the sons of fighters and worriers. They fought thousand wars and millions of them had died in those fights.   

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Arain Kingdom "AlMansurah"

Arains were crushed by Banu Abas after the death of Mohammad Bin Qasim. They were directly affected by Banu Abas because of his enmity with Hajaz Bin Yousaf and than Muhammad Bin Qasim. Arains were the loyal friends and Mujahids of Muhammad Qasim and Banu Abas had knew that. So, after the opposition of Banu Abas local Rajas of Sindh, Balochistan and India got opportunity to took their revenge from those Arab Invaders. That was the time when Arains proved themselves not only the great fighters but great politicians as well in the presence of enemy all around. They had  found an independent and a powerful state of that time. That was the Kingdom of "AlMansurah" the state of Arains.
Map of Mansurah Kingdom

That kingdom was bigger than the Multan state. The armed forces of that state were an example of bravery and its war equipments. There were a lot of Elephants in that army which show the attitude of Arains. They defeated all of their opponents and established their rule of law.
Almansurah flourished day and night and set an example of growth, peace and prosperity. It was one of the richest state of Sindh.
That kingdom ended in 384 Hijri when the states of Multan and Qaramta together attacked Almansurah and defeated them after a long battle.
After that Arains spread in most of Punjab as refugees. They were skilled formers and genetically warriors with wealth that they earned in Mansurah Kingdom. They started to use their wealth and purchased their own land pieces in Punjab and other parts of India. In this way Arains became landlords and Jagirdars. Their genes once again proved that they can change the history. Now Arains are the most powerful tribe among the other little casts.        

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Arain Genetic Roots

Few writers that I have red they believed that Arains were not Arabs but Indians. They argued in their essay that Arain have their genetic roots from India, they might be tested genetically few of Arains.
Four of my friends belong to Arain family got genetic test just to know the migrations of their ancient ancestors 1000 years ago. One out of four got his roots near Palestine and two of the remaining having roots from Uch Sharif Pakistan and the fourth have roots from middle of Iran.
In above paragraph I have written about four of my friends having different genetic roots but belonged to Arain family. It does not mean that they don't have any Arab background. Simply, we can answer that Arabs had their history of migration in all over the world not just India. Arabs reached in America before Columbus so after 1000 years of that migration their genetic history was completely different because of mother side that was American.
Same happened here in Subcontinent, Those Arabs who came here as traders and had been living at Indian coastline with there families remain genetically Arab (small in number) but those who came as soldiers and got married in India changed genetically after a long time.
We have already write on this that Arain's father side is Arab but mother side is Indian.
Secondly, there is a genetic disorder among the Arabs because of migration and mixed cultural marriages. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Great Saints in The Tribe of Arain

  • Hazrat Baba Fariduddin Ganj-e-Shakar r.a.
  • Hazrat Baba Shah Inayat Qadri
  • Hazrat Baba Kawan wali Sarkar
  • Hazrat Shah Abdul Qadir Sani (A freedom fighter and saint)
  • Hazrat Baba Peeran Ditta
  • Hazrat Baba Latif Shah (A great writer and saint) alive
  • Mian Sher Muhammad Sharakpuri
  • Mian Sahab of Nankana Sahab
  • Qudaratullah Shahab
  • Naseem Hajazi  

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Arain Tribes:

  1. Rattay(Red, ferocious fighters)
  2. Bhutto(dwellers of high places)
  3. Ramday (red -eyed soldiers)
  4. Ghalar, Gahgeer and Goheer (ferocious horse of armoured corps)
  5. Gatku (fencer)
  6. Kavali (soldier patrolling while others rest)
  7. Basroo (observation post)
  8. Bahman (brave, uncontrollable or insurmountable)
  9. Daulay (those who got land in return for military services)
  10. Ramay (archers)
  11. Jatalay (victors)
  12. Sappal (marksmen)
  13. Bahalwan (driver of a chariot)
  14. Mudh (logisticians supplying logistics and reinforcement to the army)
  15. Teerandaz (archers)
  16. Katarband (users of katar, a weapon used by ancient armies) 
  17. Bhaila (alms-keeper who walks with the commander when he is giving away alms after a victory
  18. Ghorki
  19. Mahar
  20. Zardari
  21. Hans

Famous Families of Arains:
Ghorki Famili of Lahore
Mahar Family of Ghotki
Bhutto Family of Larkana
Kasuri Family of Kasure
Mian Family of Faisalabad
Kohastani Family of Faisalabad
Sardar Family of Kasure
Ratta Family of Sadiqabad
Nawab Family 
Choudhri Family of Khanpure
Mian Family of Bagwanpura Lahore
Zardari family