Monday, 12 October 2015

Reality of "Jutts" and "Rajpots"

This column is just to correct the history, not to show any kind of biased attitude and hatred from us. So, please consider other tribes around us respectful. Every man is equal in the globe of Allah.

Muslim Jutts:
                      Jutts were basically simple and gentlemen of Punjab by history. They were mostly attached in the profession of agriculture. They were never be fighters at any period of history. Punjaby films have made them "Budmash" blackguards. In history they were keen to compromise and adjustments with invaders and locals as well. We can easily validate our point by giving examples of Mughals and Iranian invaders who came and captured the Punjab without any major resistance.
2nd, I listened from may Jutts that they are converted from Sikhism to Muslims. This is a big lie because Jutts had converted to Islam from Hindu Jutts, never from Sikhism. Simply, you can understand the logic with out any hassle. Muslims came in subcontinent in 712 AD. Where as Sikhism religion begun in 15th century means 800 years later than Islam. In those 800 years Jutts converted to Islam and after the arrival of Sikhism in 15th century they converted to Sikhism as well.
Why do they claim that they were Sikhs before be Muslims? Why do they lie? Answer is very simple. Every tribe wants to be recognize as the fighter in history. So, Sikhism has considered the fighting as a part of the religion. This revolutionary act has mad them great fighter and warriors. They have made history by their own. This is the only reason behind their claim which could be established by studying history.

Muslim Rajpots:
                            This is another tribe living in Pakistan and claims that they are sons of warriors. Now we will give you  example of few historic incidents and wars to understand their caliber and level. These incidents will clarify that which kind of fighters they were? Look at first the fight of Raja Daher Sindh, this was one of the biggest state in subcontinent and was considered as powerful armed state. Only 6000 Arabs ruined them at their home. What kind of fighters they were? They were just few who came and defeated them up to Multan an area of 1000 kilometers. Indian movies are spreading wrong history and showing the below average historic characters as their heroes.  
2nd, Subcontinent was the place  where every invader came and did not consider the place able to live. Invaders came looted the local Rajas and went back. The people of subcontinent were very timorous and funky. So, any average person was able to role them. These points clearly shows that Rajpots were may be fighter at very local level where example fits "Andhon main Kaney Rajey". Even Rajpot Rajas were giving there daughters to the invaders in tax and promise to not fight with them. There were 10 Rajpot Queens in the haram of Akber.
When Muslims came in subcontinent and new dimensions introduced same people got new life with news energy of faith. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Greatness of Arain Tribe.

As we have discussed earlier in our blog that Arain is a ruling cast. We have strong references to validate our claim.
There are few questions asked by other comparatively smaller casts like Jatts and Rajpoots that may be Arains are not fighters.
Yes, it is a noticeable point but our argument is very simple that we are rulers of the fighter. We rule the kingdoms and use the serving classes as our armies.
We have a great history of great warriors but after a long time, we realized that we should make strategies to use serving classes and hold the top positions to control them.
Yes, we did it and we are proud of our forefathers who had a great think tank for that shift of priorities. Arains hate to show off, they do and advanced for new.
Second, must look around that you will find a lot of big names in our country who are using our sir names rather than their own. Like Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Rather than Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Butt similarly Mian Shahbaz Sharif rather than Shabaz Sharif Butt.

In this way, they get some greatness for themselves by using our sir names. Here we want to ask our tribesmen that must recognize your blood and love it. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Great Armed Officers of Arain Tribe

  • Commander In-Chief of Muhammad Bin Qasim's Army Muhammad Hayyat Madni
  • Army Chief Pakistan Army Muhammad Zia ul Haq
  • General and Ruler of Doaba and Punjab General Adina Beg Zafar Jang Bahadar 
  • Nashan e Haider Major Muhammad Tufail Hoshyarpuri
  • First Chief of Pakistan Air Force Air Marshal Zafar Ahmed Chaudhry 
  • Pakistan's Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir 
  • DIG Punjab Police Amjad Javed Saleemi
  • Naval Officer Vice Admiral Ahmed Tasnim. The only Navy officer of Pakistan have been Awarded Sitara-e-Jurat Twice.
  •  X-Corps Commander of Pakistan Lt General Naseer Akhtar
  • The First Pakistani Navy Commander In Chief Admiral Haji Muhammad Saddiq Chaudhry
  • Ex-Corps Commander and Incharge Strategic Command of Pakistan Lt General Ghulam Mustafa
  • Ex Chairman Pakistan Steel and Chairman POF Lt General Abdul Qayyum
  • Inspector General Punjab Police 1952-1953 and then 1955 Mian Anwar Ali
  • (IOM , OBI) British India Army Hon Capt (SardarBahadur) Muhammad Ismail
  • (IDSM) British India Army  Subedar Kifayat Ullah
  • (PPM)- Retd DIG Police / Ex Director FIA Chaudhry Badar ud Din
  • Chief of Staff Pakistan Navy (2004-05) Rector Bahria University (2006-09) Vice Admiral Farooq Rashid
  • Inspector General of Punjab Police Haji Habib ur Rehman
  • Ex Director General of Rangers Punjab Pakistan General Muhammad Nawaz
  • Air Force Officer Air Vice Marshal Mohammad Ashfaque Arain
  • Pak Army officer, Bragadier Anwar ul Haq Ramday Shaheed. He Laid Down his life in Attack on G.H.Q in 2009 
  • Chief of General Staff Pak Army Lt General Mian Muhammad Afzal
  • X-Corps Commander of Pakistan Army 1974 to 1980 Lt General Faiz Ali Chishti
  • Inspector General of Prisons Punjab Mian Farooq Nazir
  • Pak Army Officer Major General Muhammad Rafi
  • Ex DIG Quetta Balochistan Muhammad Saeed Alrai
  • Ex CCPO Quetta Balochistan Muhammad Akbar Arain
  • Pak Army Officer Major General Iftikhar Ahmad
  • Pakistan Air Force Officer Air Vice Marshal Nasir Waqar
  • IG Punjab Police Aftab Sultan
  • DG Rangers of Punjab Major General Mian Bilal Hussain
  • Pak Army Officer Ma. General Ghulam Umar
  • AIG Punjab Police Major (R) Mushtaq
  • Sitara-e-Qaide-Azam Lt General Salim Ahmad Mian
  • Sitara-e-Jurat Brigadier Khurshid Rabbani
  • Pak Army Officer Captain Anwar-ul-Haq Shaheed
  • Pak Army Officer General Javed Iqbal Ramday
  • Additional Inspector General of Police Khyber Phakhtunkhwa Mian Muhammad Asif
  • Inspector General of Police Baluchistan Muhammad Amlish
  • Additional Inspector General of Police Punjab Dr Tariq Masood Yasin 
  • Director FIA Dr Usman Anwar
  • Additional Inspector General of Police Sindh Cap Tahir Naveed Arain
  • Ex. DIG Punjab Police Waqas Nazeer
  • DIG Punjab Police Shahid Hanif
  • Ex. Chief of Naval Staff Muhammad Sharif
  • Ex. ISI Chief Lt. General Shuja Pasha
  • ISI Chief Lt. General Rizwan Ashraf
  • Tamgha-i-Khidmat(M), ex Pakistan Navy officer Lieutenant Karam ud Din
  • Naval Commander in Chief Hassan Hafeez Ahmed
  • Great Arains of all times

    • Baba Frid Shakarganj (Spiritual Leader Indo Pak) 
    • Kawan Wali Sarkar (Famous Spiritual Leader)
    • Hafiz Inayat Shah Qadri (Spiritual Leader)
    • Shah Nawaz Bhutto (PM of Junagarh Sate)
    • Jam Raeena (Ruler of Sindh)
    • Zolfiqar Ali Bhutto (Ex-PM Pakistan)
    • Muhammad Zia ul Haq (Ex-Army Chief and President of Pakistan)
    • Benazir Bhutto (Ex-PM Pakistan)
    • Ch. Muhammad Ali (Ex-PM Pakistan)
    • Sultan Rahi (Film Actor) 
    • Wasim Akram (Cricketer) 
    • Adena Bag (Governor of Punjab during Mughal Empire)

    Thursday, 6 November 2014

    List of Famous Arains:

    1. Adina Beg (died 1758) was the governor of the Punjab including Lahore, Multan and Jalandhar. 
      Adina Beg was born in an Arain family of Sharakpur, near Lahore, now in Sheikhupura district of Pakistan. Adina Beg was brought up in Mughal homes, for the most part in Jalalabad, Khanpur and Bajvara in the Jalandhar Doab.
    2. Baba Farid Gunjshakar
    3. Jam Raeena, Banu Sama(from Banu Aamir branch of Al-i-Adnan) ruler of Sindh and father of the raeen tribe in India 
    4. Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto: ex-Prime Minister of Junagarh State
    5. General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq: President of Pakistan (1977-1988)
    6. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto: ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, (1971-1977)
    7. Chaudhry Muhammad Ali: Fourth Prime Minister of Pakistan (1955-1956)
    8. Benazir Bhutto: ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan (1988-1990, 1993-1996)
    9. Asif Ali Zardari: President of Pakistan (2008-2012)
    10. Maj. Tufail Shaheed Hoshyarpuri Nishan e Haider 
    11. Maj.Genral (R) Ghulam Umar 
    12. Mian Muhammad Aslam: Advocate
    13. Mian Raza Rubani: Chairman Senate Pakistan 
    14. Sardar Asif Ahmad Ali: ex-Foreign Minister of Pakistan
    15. Mian Abdul Bari Arain: A freedom fighter and President of All India Muslim League District Paghwara during the struggle for independence of India and the creation of Pakistan
    16. General Shuja Pasha: Ex-ISI Cheif
    17. Majeed Nizami (Nawai Waqt)
    18.  Muhammad Hanif Ramay: Former Chief Minister of Punjab
    19. Hameed Nizami ( Nawa e Waqt News Paper)
    20. Mian Azhar – Former Governor of Punjab, Pakistan.
    21. Mian Tufail Muhammad: Former Amir Jama´t Islami.
    22. Mian Iftikharuddin: A politician and landlord who played an important role in turning the Muslim community of urban Punjab towards favouring an independent Pakistan.
    23. Zia Shahid (Khabrin) 
    24. Pir Shah Inayat Qadiri Shattari: A Sufi saint and the spiritual guide of Baba Bulleh Shah.
    25. Mian Sher Muhammad Sharaqpuri: Great sufi and spiritual leader of India
    26. KAWAN WALI SARKAR:  A famous saint from punjab
    27. Mian sahib of Nankana Sahib:  Great sufi and spiritual healer having followers around the world
    28. Mian Mahmood Kasuri: Member Cangress and cabinet 1940
    29. Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz (1896–1979) was a politician in British India and in Pakistan. She was the first woman to preside over an Asian legislature. Also she was invited by British for Round Table Conference at 1930 along with Radhabai Subbarayan.
    30. Ijaz ul Haq: Politician 4 times Manister National Assembly 
    31. Justice Mian Shah Din Humayon: (1868-1918) – First Muslim Judge in British India
    32. Arif Nizami (Anchor) 
    33. Sir Abdul Rashid: First Chief Justice of Pakistan.
    34. Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday: A judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
    35. Advocate Ch. Muhammad Idrees (Late): 9 times President District Bar council Jhang, He is the author of more than 6 Books at Pakistan Legislation and Author for Shaam Taa Multan.
    36. Lieutenant Karam ud Din: Tamgha-i-Khidmat(M), ex Pakistan Navy officer
    37. Admiral Haji Muhammad Siddiq:  First Navy Chief of Pakistan 
    38. Vice Admiral Ahmed Tasnim (SJ & Bar): The only naval officer to have been awarded Sitara-e-Jurat twice.After World War II, one out of two naval officer around the globe, under whose command, a submarine destroy a frigate in the battle. He was the commanding officer of PNS/M Hangor in 1971 Indo-Pak War.
    39. Hassan Hafeez Ahmed: Naval Commander in Chief
    40. Admiral Muhammad Sharif. Chief of Naval Staf
    41. Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir: Pakistan's Chief of Naval Staff.
    42. Mohammed Sarwar: Governor Punjab, The first British Muslim member of the UK Parliament.
    43. Sir Muhammad Shafi: President of the All India Muslim League. Lawyer and Politician 
    44. Asad Umer (Ex CEO Engro/ PTI leader)
    45. Qudratullah Shahab: A famous writer and Civil Servant
    46. Naseem Hijazi: Famous Urdu novelist of Indo-Pak.
    47. Zubair Umer: Minister of privatization 
    48. Muhammad Farooq: Journalist, Qari and Naat Khawan.
    49. Ch.Muhammad Saleem Akhtar: Former Senior Vice President.2007-2008.The Chamber of Commerce and Industry FCCI. Pakistan
    50. Air Marshal M Ashfaq 
    51. Chauhdary Muhammad Ashraf: Ex. Mayor of Kunri 
    52. Mian Amir: ex-Mayor of Lahore, Owner of Dunya TV, Punjab Group of Colleges
    53. Abdul Hafeez Kardar: ex Captain Pakistan Cricket Team
    54. Hassan Nissar
    55. Wasim Akram: Cricketer
    56. Kamran Akmal: Cricketer
    57. Umer Akmal: Cricketer
    58. Sarfraz Nawaz: Cricketer
    59.  Tariq Aziz: A famous TV Anchor
    60. Sultan Rahi: A famous Film Star
    61. Habib:   A famous Film Star
    62. MF Hussain: Picasso of Asia
    63. Ch Ghulam Hussain: Anchor Person 
    64. Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri: Ex. Foreign Minister 
    65. Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (December 31, 1817 – October 18, 1899)
    66. Mian Mir: (c. 1550 – 11 August 1635) Famous Saint, Lahore
    67. Ahmad al-Farūqī al-Sirhindī : Mujaddid Alf Thānī famous for the oposition to AKber the Great